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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Lacy cracker

Lacy Cracker
This cracker was created using the Groovi parchment system by Clarity.

To create this cracker I used;

A4 cracker plate,
Border mate plate,
Groovi snowflake,
Diagonal pricking border.

I embossed the out line of the cracker, leaving out the end lines.
 I used the centre pattern on the cracker plate to give me the label. I then picked the letter R off the border plate mate to create the mono gram. I placed the diagonal pricking border into the plate mate, and lined up the edge of the cracker with the chosen pattern and pricked it out. I embosed a pattern of the diagonal pattern grid and the repeated the pricking using the same pattern on the cuff and on the center of the cracker.
I embossed two of the funky snowflakes in different sizes to stack and attached them on to the cracker with a brad.
I then sniped the pricked areas on the cracker to create the lace effect I also pricked and snipped  the edge of the monagram tag so that I could pass a ribbon behind the monogram.
I cut the cracker out and cut a piece of parchment to fit around the center of the cracker on the inside I stuck this in place with red tape.
after sticking the cracker I tied the ribbon in place to finish.