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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Humming bird

This card was created using the Groovi system, I used the following plates;

Nested panel
Alphabet square
Fushia word
Border plate 1

To create this card I started off using the alphabet square and attached the out line and the happy birthday  sentiment. I used the alphabet to write to you.

Then I lined up the inner square to the nested panel plate and traced the line that was just inside the inner square to create another border. I then used the fushia plate to trace the flowers and position them where I was red, I used the fushia word to trace the bird and to add leaves to the composition. When I was happy with that I used the spri plate to decorate the border around the centre pannel.

I used the woven plate to trace the pattern in to the side borders. And the border plate to give the edge a decorative finish.

I coloured on the reverse befor embossing using blendable pencils. Then I embossed the the fushials and the bird. I also embossed part of the woven border to give a sense of it going underneath and over in a lattice effect.

I then used my two needle tool and pricked around the border, and in the squared of the woven pattern to create a latice.

Using a straight grid and a single needle tool I priced around the sprig border. I cut the border and lattice around the area that I had pricked.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Lacy cracker

Lacy Cracker
This cracker was created using the Groovi parchment system by Clarity.

To create this cracker I used;

A4 cracker plate,
Border mate plate,
Groovi snowflake,
Diagonal pricking border.

I embossed the out line of the cracker, leaving out the end lines.
 I used the centre pattern on the cracker plate to give me the label. I then picked the letter R off the border plate mate to create the mono gram. I placed the diagonal pricking border into the plate mate, and lined up the edge of the cracker with the chosen pattern and pricked it out. I embosed a pattern of the diagonal pattern grid and the repeated the pricking using the same pattern on the cuff and on the center of the cracker.
I embossed two of the funky snowflakes in different sizes to stack and attached them on to the cracker with a brad.
I then sniped the pricked areas on the cracker to create the lace effect I also pricked and snipped  the edge of the monagram tag so that I could pass a ribbon behind the monogram.
I cut the cracker out and cut a piece of parchment to fit around the center of the cracker on the inside I stuck this in place with red tape.
after sticking the cracker I tied the ribbon in place to finish.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Wedge wood blue

This parchment card, was one of the first I did on coloured parchment using the light box.

I used the nested panel, flourish frame and ivy.

I embossed the parchment to give shade and light, when I was happy with that I emphasise the frame and the area around the cameo, by colouring in the back with dark blue.

I then used a grid  to prick around the flour is frame.

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Delicate stencils

Have had so much fun playing with my inks this week, in this case seedless preserves and peacock feathers from the distress ink range.

I used super smooth Kraft card by Crafters Companion for this project as it takes inks, alcohol markers and blendable pencils brilliantly. The stencil is from Creative Expressions (damask). The rose and leaf dies are Creative Expressions, the poinsettia is by Spellbinder, I inked through the dies to colour the die cut, they were embossed and shaped befor putting them on the card.

I cut a small mat for the centre to mount the sentiment on which is by Creative Expressions and coloured using the inks after I removed it from the die. I embossed the mat using a embossing folder from the Sara Davis Signature Collection from Crafters Companion. Bothe the centre and the backing layout were matted on to my favorite black card as it helps make each bit pop.

I used the Clarity stencil brushes to blend the inks so I could achieve the gently blend from one colour to the next. As I have found the blending tools with the foam pads tends to give me a heavier saturation of ink and for this project I wanted the softness the brushes gave me.

Hope you like it and keep an eye for my next project.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Have had a great day playing with inks and stencils, plus a little bit of guilding wax. 

This topper is on craft card. the inks I used were stormy sky and crushed olive distress inks, these were brushed on using Clarity stamps stencil brushes, to create a background. 

the deer stencil is a mini one from creative expression,  I drew through the stencil and the coloured them black using an alcohol marker. I also drew two trees on either side using the alcohol marker.

 The die cut trees are from Sheena Douglas Christmas range I cut the die cut apart ti give me three separate trees and used guilding wax to give them a moonlight shine. I also used guilding wax on the moon that I had masked off and a little on the deer.

 The sentiment is a creative expressions die.

Fluttering by

To create this card I used Clarity's Groovi boards. 
Plate mate
Fuchsia board 
Henna border plate
Large box frame.

First using the large box frame and a 1mm embossing tool to get a crisp white line. I traced the inner and outer boxes only.

I then places the fuchsia plate in to th plate mate and using a 1.5 mm ball tool I out lined the bird and various flowers and leaves to create he desired image in the centre square. I then places the netting into the plate mate and went back to my 1 mm ball tool, I traces the grid pattern to fill the whole of the outside of the square frame I had created. I them swapped over to the border plate mate and the henna border to trace a frilly edge around the outside of the design.

Now to emboss the centre images, at first I use my largest ball tool, to start stretching the parchment gently. ( I use a tumble dryer sheet to stop the ball tool dragging). I then change down in size ball tool to help the parchment stretch more to give a whiter finish, when I an happy with how white I want it to be I leave it to rest, befor embossing one more time.

I used a two needle tool to edge the design as well as following the grid lines I created using the netting plate. 

I then cut out the area I had pricked around using parchment scissors. I am entering this in the 

Clarity challenge blog " in the garden"

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

I had so much fun creating a building this book in a box album, I used mount board ( but you could use chip board) and worked out my measurements I based it all around 12x12 papers as I wanted to used them to decorate it.

Each piece of mount board was painted with black jesso prior to building it. I used black card as a base for the internal pages also as strips scored and folded to assist in gluing it all together, and black electrical tape to make the hinges. 

Off to the NEC tomorrow ready for the festival of quilts for more inspiration of crafty things to make!