Saturday, 14 January 2017

Humming bird

This card was created using the Groovi system, I used the following plates;

Nested panel
Alphabet square
Fushia word
Border plate 1

To create this card I started off using the alphabet square and attached the out line and the happy birthday  sentiment. I used the alphabet to write to you.

Then I lined up the inner square to the nested panel plate and traced the line that was just inside the inner square to create another border. I then used the fushia plate to trace the flowers and position them where I was red, I used the fushia word to trace the bird and to add leaves to the composition. When I was happy with that I used the spri plate to decorate the border around the centre pannel.

I used the woven plate to trace the pattern in to the side borders. And the border plate to give the edge a decorative finish.

I coloured on the reverse befor embossing using blendable pencils. Then I embossed the the fushials and the bird. I also embossed part of the woven border to give a sense of it going underneath and over in a lattice effect.

I then used my two needle tool and pricked around the border, and in the squared of the woven pattern to create a latice.

Using a straight grid and a single needle tool I priced around the sprig border. I cut the border and lattice around the area that I had pricked.

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