Thursday, 5 May 2016

Taking flight

Today's cards has used the panel, flourish and butterfly wreath plates and a diagonal grid.

I used the panel plate first to create the initial outline, I then place the parchment over the flourish plate and copy the outline. I then replace the parchment onto the panel plate being careful to line it up and emboss the second line making sure not to go over the flourish just embossed.

Then using the butterfly wreath line up the circle so it is central to the circle of the flourish, now emboss the butterfly and the circle around it.

Now colour on the reverse using blendable pencils. When you have finished colouring turn the parchment over and place on diagonal grid and pricking mat. Prick every hole around the flourish design.
Remove parchment from grid and replace on the pricking mat, using a two needle tool prick around the butterfly and the inside of the circle. Also prick around the outside of the piece of work now cut to create the stamp edge.

Last but not least using the clear spectrum sparkle pen carefully go over the butterfly blotting it as you apply the pen to remove excess ink do the same on the border, plenty of sparkle will be left behind on the parchment after blotting, but without doing that the parchment is likly to wrinkle as it doesn't like to be wet.

Hope you enjoyed doing this project and are having fun on this sunny May Day.

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  1. Wow Rae this is stunning, love the colours too! xx