Thursday, 22 September 2016

Fluttering by

To create this card I used Clarity's Groovi boards. 
Plate mate
Fuchsia board 
Henna border plate
Large box frame.

First using the large box frame and a 1mm embossing tool to get a crisp white line. I traced the inner and outer boxes only.

I then places the fuchsia plate in to th plate mate and using a 1.5 mm ball tool I out lined the bird and various flowers and leaves to create he desired image in the centre square. I then places the netting into the plate mate and went back to my 1 mm ball tool, I traces the grid pattern to fill the whole of the outside of the square frame I had created. I them swapped over to the border plate mate and the henna border to trace a frilly edge around the outside of the design.

Now to emboss the centre images, at first I use my largest ball tool, to start stretching the parchment gently. ( I use a tumble dryer sheet to stop the ball tool dragging). I then change down in size ball tool to help the parchment stretch more to give a whiter finish, when I an happy with how white I want it to be I leave it to rest, befor embossing one more time.

I used a two needle tool to edge the design as well as following the grid lines I created using the netting plate. 

I then cut out the area I had pricked around using parchment scissors. I am entering this in the 

Clarity challenge blog " in the garden"


  1. A lovely piece Rae. There's some very intricate picot cutting. It's a very pretty piece of artwork.
    Good luck in the Clarity Challenge this month and thank you for joining in with us x

  2. A beautiful piece of parchment work Rae. The picot cutting must have taken you ages - worth it for the result. Thanks for joining the Clarity challenge this month. Good luck! x